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The view of the airport terminal at night with a clear blue sky in the background and palm trees in the foreground.

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Where to Eat at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport (PHX)

From Sonoran-style Mexican restaurants to burger spots to breweries pouring local beers, here’s where to eat when you’re trapped at the airport

Very few people truly enjoy dining in an airport, but sometimes it’s necessary.
| Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Whether you’re hopping a quick flight for business, jetting off to an exotic locale for a vacation, or arriving from parts unknown, it’s always good to know where to find quality coffee, a clever cocktail, a quick bite, or a fancy meal in your designated terminal. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport has it all, including airport outlets of many of Phoenix’s most beloved restaurants. Check out our list for places to grab and go or relax and linger. Either way, you’re likely to snag a taste of Phoenix without ever leaving the airport.

Please be aware that some restaurants (both pre- and post-security) are open with limited hours, given the difficulty of finding staff to fully man their operations. Check Phoenix Sky Harbor’s website for updated information on offerings and closings.

Terminal 3 (Pre-Security)

Peet’s Coffee: Located on Level 1, Peet’s Coffee provides the necessary caffeine jolt in a multitude of potable permutations, including seasonal maple lattes and cold brew. A short menu featuring all-day breakfast and lunch sandwiches also suggests the best coffees to pair with them. [Terminal 3, Level 1]

A view of the SanTan Brewery, Distillery, and Eatery inside the airport. It features a central bar with long tables around the perimeter. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport
PHX Beer Co.’s exterior at the Phoenix Airport is gray and black with yellow accents and metal, hop-shaped lights. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Terminal 3 (Post-Security)

The Best

Ajo Al’s: Family-owned and operated Ajo Al’s has dished out satisfying, Sonoran-inflected Mexican food in Phoenix since 1986. At the airport location, highlights include chicken and brisket tacos, mushroom blanco enchiladas, and crispy flautas. [Terminal 3, North Concourse]

SanTan Brewing Company: Owned by brewmaster Anthony Canecchia, SanTan is one of the Valley’s oldest and most revered breweries. At the airport location, travelers can sip an award-winning brew while watching planes take off. The extensive menu offers great beer food, including nachos, burgers, fish and chips, tacos, and enchiladas. The daily brunch menu, available until 10:30 a.m., offers four options, including a New Mexican skillet and a florid bacon-hash brown-cheese-avocado combo served with an English muffin or a tortilla. [Terminal 3, South Concourse]

Shake Shack: This popular national chain, founded by celebrity NYC restaurateur Danny Meyer, is famous for its thick, creamy shakes, but don’t sleep on the burgers, made with hormone- and antibiotic-free, 100-percent Angus beef. Live large with a side of bacon-and cheese-adorned crinkle-cut fries. [Terminal 3, South Concourse]

Phoenix Beer Company: In the mood to catch the last minutes of the weekend basketball game before takeoff? Grab a beer such as a lager or hefeweizen as well as other drinks and bar food. The restaurant is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Sunday. [Terminal 3, North Concourse]

The Tavern: Local TV show host, restaurateur, and wine wonk Mark Tarbell is the brains behind this upscale operation, offering one of the most extensive menus in the airport. Imagine a cheese and charcuterie board, deviled eggs (with whipped Dijon aioli mousse), roasted local beets with Crow’s Dairy quark, inspired salads, tacos, and an award-winning BLT. Transcend the airport environment with something fancy — maybe seared Scottish salmon with honey-mustard glaze or a spice-rubbed flat iron steak. [Terminal 3, South Concourse]

The Rest

Panera Bread: This national chain, located on the South Concourse, is famous for its baked goods, including bagels, cookies, scones, muffins, and pastries. But the vast menu offers so much more, including eight daily soups, turkey chili, salads, better-than-average sandwiches, and mac and cheese. Can’t decide? Try the You Pick 2 (two-item combos such as a cup of soup with half a sandwich). [Terminal 3, South Concourse]

Starbucks: Lattes, coffee, chai, and more are offered at this mini-version of Starbucks. Selected foods like blueberry muffins, wraps, yogurt, and protein boxes are available. [Terminal 3, North Concourse]

A man and a woman smile as they walk past the host stand at Chelsea’s Kitchen. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Terminal 4 (Pre-Security)

The Best

Blue Mesa Tacos: This fast-casual, on-the-go Mexican restaurant serves burritos, bowls, quesadillas, and tacos. [Terminal, Pre-Security]

Chelsea’s Kitchen: The menu at Chelsea’s airport location is temporarily limited to a cheeseburger with Russian dressing, the Havarti burger, a turkey sandwich, or turkey wrap, a kale and quinoa salad, the soup of the day, and chips and salsa (with guacamole if you want), but it all has a slightly elevated quality. [Terminal 4, Pre-Security]

Cheuvront Restaurant & Wine Bar: Travelers who have the time to relax over a glass of wine should check out Cheuvront, whose global wine list includes New World selections from Argentina, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand, Washington, and California as well as Old World wines from France, Spain, and Italy. The food menu features a cheese board, eight-ounce Harris Ranch burgers, salads, and sandwiches. [Terminal 4, Pre-Security]

The Rest

Dunkin’ Donuts: Stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for chocolate-sprinkled donuts and a warm cup of coffee. There is usually a line, but it moves quickly. [Terminal 4, Pre-Security]

Starbucks: If you absolutely need that cup of coffee courage before you head to security, Starbucks has you covered. [Terminal 4, Pre-Security]

Customers sit at tables and wait by the hosts stand at Blanco Tacos and Tequila. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Terminal 4 (Post-Security) Gates A1 - A14

The Best

Zinc Brasserie Grab & Go: If you’re looking for no-fuss meals, Zinc Brasserie Grab & Go has sandwiches, salads, desserts, and other packaged items to go. This is a mini-version of the brick-and-mortar restaurant, but strictly for to-go items. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A1]

Olive & Ivy: Breakfast options here include yogurt parfait and bagels with cream cheese as well as coffee and lattes. Lunch items focus on panini, with choices including turkey, cheese, or roast beef. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A3]

Blanco Tacos and Tequila: In the scheme of things, the allegedly limited menu at Blanco isn’t really all that limited. It offers nachos, guacamole, quesadillas, two salads, burritos, and tacos (filled with grilled fish, carne asada, green chile pork, braised chicken, or veggie). Bonuses: a kid’s menu and margaritas. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A5]

Zinburger: As the name suggests, burgers are the main event here. The menu features four of them (the adventurous should try the spicy El Diablo) plus a chicken sandwich. For accompaniment, consider fries, onion rings, and shakes. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A5]

Dilly’s Deli: For passengers too rushed to sit down and eat, Dilly’s Deli offers wraps, salads, and sandwiches to grab and go. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A7]

Wildflower Bread Company: Sandwich on the run, mac and cheese for the kids, and cookies for the plane are all available at Wildflower Bread Company. If you want to eat light, salads are also on the menu. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A9]

The Rest

Panda Express: Fast-casual Chinese food at Panda Express includes spring rolls, noodles, orange chicken, and choices of various meats. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A9]

Terminal 4 (Post-Security) Gates A17 - A30

The Best

Dilly’s Deli: The cafe, Dilly’s Deli, has a selection of sandwiches, salads, sides, and desserts. It’s a perfect pitstop for passengers who don’t want to wait in line. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A17]

Four Peaks Brewery: The original Four Peaks in Tempe is the Valley’s oldest brewery, founded in 1996. Although the menu is considerably shorter at the airport, it does offer plenty of beer-friendly food, including a big pretzel, a cheeseburger, and beer-battered fries. Wash it all down with a Kiltlifter, the brewery’s flagship ale. In the morning, a short breakfast menu features breakfast sandwiches and oatmeal. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A20]

Tammie Coe Cakes: Tammie Coe has long been famous for her big cookies and whimsical, fondant-draped cakes. Drop in her airport location for a sweet treat and a hot cup of coffee. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A25]

The Rest

Peet’s Coffee & Tea: There is no shortage of coffee, lattes, or other beverages at Peet’s Coffee & Tea. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate A18]

People stand by the host stand reading menus and waiting for a table at Cowboy Ciao. Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Terminal 4 (Post-Security) Gates B1-B14

The Best

Cowboy Ciao Express: The express version of the restaurant Cowboy Ciao has sandwiches, salads, and beverages to-go. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B3]

Pita Jungle: This outpost of a local Mediterranean-inflected restaurant is a great choice for vegetarians. It offers various types of hummus (cilantro-jalapeno, for example), lentil soup, falafel, and a veggie bowl bolstered with organic brown rice. For the carnivores, there are gyros, Philly steak pita, and chicken shawarma. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B3)

Matt’s Big Breakfast: Matt’s is one of Phoenix’s most popular breakfast restaurants, famous for its hearty, wholesome food. Although the airport menu was limited for a time, it has recently expanded and now more closely resembles Matt’s four (and soon five) brick-and-mortar locations. Look for the Five Spot Platter (a two-egg breakfast sandwich with two slices of thick-cut bacon) and the Big Butter Burger, which lives up to its name. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B5]

Sweet Republic: When all you need is a sweet treat, head to this airport outlet of Phoenix’s favorite ice cream shop, where you’ll find nine dreamy, imaginative ice cream flavors, including salted caramel swirl, Cortez cold brew, brown butter pecan, fleur de sel, and strawberry sorbet. Sundaes, shakes, and ice cream sandwiches (made to order with baked-on-premises cookies) are also available.

Focaccia Fiorentina: Wraps and sandwiches are available for under $11 at Focaccia Fiorentina. The options are to go. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B7]

OHSO: Grab a beer and enjoy the game at OHSO, another popular Valley brewery with multiple locations. Besides the usual wings and things, travelers will find creative burgers (the AZ burger has jalapeno cream cheese, poblano aioli, and crispy onion strings), a Pilgrim sandwich (a cranberry aioli-smeared croissant stacked with turkey, bacon, and gouda), and all-day chicken and waffles. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B9]

The Refuge Coffee, Food, and Wine: Coffee beans are imported from Africa and Latin America at the Refuge Coffee Food & Wine, where specialty caffeinated beverages, both hot and cold, are plentiful. Expect loads of baked goods, a handful of wraps, panini, and croissant sandwiches as well. Best of all, a build-your-own breakfast sandwich in which you choose the bread (bagel, croissant, panini, or tortilla), the protein, and the cheese. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B9]

The Rest

Wendy’s: There aren’t any surprises at the fast-food staple. Patrons can enjoy chicken sandwiches, burgers, fries, and shakes. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B3]

Terminal 4 (Post-Security Gates) Gates B17-B28

The Best

Mission Grab & Go: Need a last-minute drink or snacks? Mission Grab & Go has convenient eats for snacks on the plane. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B17]

La Madeleine: Famous for its tomato basil soup and quiches, this French bakery and cafe chain The desserts featured are a chocolate torte cake, palmier, and cookies. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B20]

Cowboy Ciao: The original Cowboy Ciao was a quirky Old Town Scottsdale fixture, beloved for its modern American menu and stellar wine list until its closure in 2018. The good news is, the airport location still offers the famous Stetson Chopped Salad, combining Israeli couscous, chicken (instead of the usual salmon), grilled sweet corn, trail mix, tomato, and arugula anointed with buttermilk pesto dressing. Soup, salads, sandwiches, and burgers are also available. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B22]

The Rest

McDonald's: All guests know what to expect at McDonald’s. Egg McMuffin, hash browns, and pancakes are available for breakfast, while lunch offers burgers, fries, and apple pies. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate B20]

Terminal 4 (Post-Security) Gates C1-C10

The Best

Nocawich: Eliot Wexler’s Nocawich is a haven for sandwich lovers. Go fancy with the Cisco Kid (turkey, bacon, white cheddar, cranberry jam, arugula, and aioli) or sublimely simple with cashew butter and blackberry jam. For breakfast, Bluto’s Breakfast Bagel, combining egg, bacon, hash browns, cheddar, and romesco, will keep you full during a long flight. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate C2]

Humble Pie Pizza: Pizza is always a good go-to right before a trip. Humble Pie offers several pizza options including cheese, pepperoni, or buffalo chicken. There are also sandwiches and salads available. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate C3]

Los Taquitos: Street tacos, tostadas, and other Mexican fare is served at Los Taquitos. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate C3]

The Rest

Starbucks: If you’re looking for a reliable latte or cup of coffee, Starbucks will deliver. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate C1]

Terminal 4 (Post-Security) Gates C11-C20

The Best

Zinc Brasserie: This airport offshoot of Matt Carter’s perpetually crowded Zinc Bistro has a short French-inflected menu and plenty of good wine selections to accompany it. Treat yourself to vanilla-spiced steel-cut oatmeal or creme brulee French toast before 10 a.m., or sit down for an upscale lunch or dinner of chicken paillard draped in beurre monté sauce or a fancy burger topped with truffled Gruyere. If you’ve got the money and time, Zinc’s beverage options include elevated cocktails and reserve wines ranging from $90 to $220. Très magnifique! [Terminal 4, Post-Security, C11]

Sir Veza’s Taco Garage: There is plenty to choose from at Sir Veza’s Taco Garage — burritos, bowls, burgers, and tacos, too. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, C13]

Cartel Coffee: For coffee lovers, there’s Cartel, a longtime Phoenix favorite for its specialty coffees made with roasted beans from around the world. Espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, chais, cold brew — it’s all here, as are fancy teas and bags of whole beans to take home. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, C13]

The Rest

Panera Bread: The bakery, Panera Bread, carries standard favorites like muffins, croissants, quiches, bread, soups, and salads. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, C17]

Terminal 4 (Post-Security) Gates D1-D8

The Best

Barrio Cafe: Chef-activist Silvana Salcido Esparza brings a few of the Barrio Cafe dishes that made her famous to the airport, offering guacamole (studded with pomegranate seeds when in season), tacos, burros, posole, huevos con chorizo, and Mexican-style French toast. For dessert, don’t miss churros filled with cajeta (goat’s milk caramel), draped in more cajeta, sprinkled with strawberries and candied pecans, and sided with ice cream. Relax over a specialty margarita, paloma, or michelada. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate D1]

La Grande Orange: Affectionately known as LGO, La Grande Orange has been an Arcadia neighborhood fixture since 2002, first as an upscale market deli and later, a market with a pizzeria attached. The pizzas (there are four of them at the airport) are beloved for their fermented sourdough crusts, and The Gladiator, topped with sausage and pepperoni, is a favorite. Breakfast is offered until noon, while lunch offerings include a guacamole BLT and a Cubano. There are also self-serve choices like salads, baked goods, and sandwiches. Finish up with a scoop or two of artisanal gelato from Grateful Spoon. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate D1]

The Rest

Peet’s Coffee & Tea: No matter the terminal, finding a good cup of coffee at Peet’s is never a problem. [Terminal 4, Post-Security, Gate D1]

Terminal 4 (Post-Security) Gates D11-D18

Concessions in the newest Terminal 4 concourse will open in phases through 2023. These temporary kiosks are currently available:

Sip Coffee & Beer: True to its name, this kiosk offers coffee and beer as well as baked goods and artisanal snacks from local purveyors. Keep an eye out for healthy desserts labeled SaludEats from local pastry chef Soraya Medina.

Fresh Market On The Go: Fresh Market sells beer, wine, and canned cocktails, as well as breakfast sandwiches, pizza, and baked goods. Check the grab-and-go coolers for ready-made salads, sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, and a full selection of non-alcoholic beverages.

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